Driver Leasing Benefits with Transportation Staffing

Driver Leasing Company discussion on Benefits from 3PL companies

  1. Cash Flow Control – Workers compensation is not paid up front. It is built into the rate so you pay-as-you-go.
  2. Budget Control – Your labor costs are set and will stay constant. Knowing your actual labor cost is essential to a transportation budget.
  3. Lower Admin Costs – Our cost to your company is usually significantly lower than your own internal costs. Pro Source handles payroll, benefits, recruitment advertising, hiring, DOT physicals, drug screening, taxes, and everything else associated with employees. All you have to do is report their weekly gross earnings and you’re done.
  4. Decrease in Liability – CDL drivers are the highest risk element when it comes to insurance costs. By eliminating drivers and/or warehouse personnel from your coverage, you lower your overall risk factor. This will lower company costs for the entire organization.
  5. Return On Investment – By utilizing Pro Source, the money saved by your company can be reinvested into your sales force, your marketing campaign, new equipment, or anything else that is necessary to grow your business.
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Douglas Mills writes for Third party logistics company, Pro Source Inc of Atlanta, GA.