What is “Pay As You Go” Workers Compensation Insurance?

warehouse personnel services and 3PL solutions Pro Source is one of the few CDL driver leasing companies that utilizes pay as you go workers comp insurance for the benefit of the client. Most companies have to pay 25% -40% of their premiums at the beginning of the year. This number is based on projected payroll for the upcoming year.

For example, ABC Inc has fifty employees, with each earning a salary of $50,000. ABC Inc would have a projected paroll of $2,500,000. If their insurance company requires 40% paid up front, ABC Inc would have to pay $1,000,000 before cutting one payroll check.

With Pro Source’s “Pay As You Go” workers comp insurance, this cost is already built into the rate so you avoid all up-front costs and increase your cash flow.

About Douglas Mills

Douglas Mills writes for Third party logistics company, Pro Source Inc of Atlanta, GA.