Driver Leasing – Pro Source Driver Minimum Requirements

Pro Source, Inc. Hiring Standards

A. Three year requirements for moving violations (limit 2) To include:

  •  Speeding citations of 15MPH or less,
  •  All traffic control devices;
  •  All citations due to vehicle collision
  •  All log violations, including Out of Service

B. Seven year requirements for collisions (limit 2 minor incidents)

  •  Incidents in which there were no fatalities, no serious injuries, no major vehicle damage and/or property damage.

C. Not more than any combination of two citations and/or vehicle collisions listed above.

D. Any incident in which the citation is considered to be “major” (speeding in excess of 15 MPH, DUI, DWI, reckless driving, etc.) that deserves consideration must be reviewed by the Safety Director prior to being approved for physical and drug test.

E. Any collision, in which the amount of damage is in question, must be reviewed with the Safety Director prior to hiring approval.

F. Driver applicant must be at least 25 years of age with a minimum of two (2)years experience operating a commercial motor vehicle. Driver applicant must only have one (1) CDL and possess any endorsements required for the position for which they are applying.

Pro Source, Inc. Applicant Screening Standards

  •  Employment Verifications going back 10 years
  •  Past three year drug & alcohol history
  •  Past three year accident history minimum
  •  Reports to include the following:

1. DAC: Transportation history report including drug and alcohol disclosures
2. MVR: 3 year history (7 year history when necessary) Multiple states if necessary
3. Nationwide multi county criminal check using 7 year address history
4. CDLIS+: verification of all CDL licenses held (nationwide)
5. SSN Validation

  •  DOT physical and drug test upon approval with MRO review
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