Robert G. JohnsonDear Pro Source:

On behalf of GE Lighting I would like to express my appreciation in the efficient handling of the
changes in our methods of distribution by Pro Source.

Pro Source, in furnishing the contract labor for transportation, is the only company that had the
flexibility to adapt to our specific needs and problems. Your replacing the contract carrier in
Lexington saved us a very expensive potential problem with the IRS, and the backhauling credits
we receive helped reduce our delivery expense.

Your assistance in converting a contract carriage operation in Atlanta to a private carrier status
with dispatch and without interrupting service helped reduce our costs of transportation. The
same applies to our facility in Los Angeles. The traffic management and personnel you have
provided serve us well. We are also pleased with the drayage in Los Angeles and the backhauls
developed for Atlanta which again cut our costs.

Your objective to assist your customers to be cost efficient in transportation without labor
problems and remaining in compliance with D.O.T. safety regulations must be commended.
Keep up the good work!

Robert G. Johnson

Mike StansiferI want to compliment Pro Source and all of your Driver Leasing personnel at
Garden City – and throughout Texas and New Mexico - for a job very well
done. This is what I found in Garden City:
1. The premises were clean, neat and orderly.
2. The warehouse personnel morale is high.
3. The CDL drivers were doing complete pre-trip inspections, keeping their
vehicles bright and clean, doing minor repairs, even changing the
oil on the tractors.
4. The mechanic had inspections and P.M’s up to date.
5. The vehicles had no minor defects and could stand and strict D.O.T.
6. Tire pressures are continually monitored and our tire cost has
reduces measurably.
7. All the men are working together as a team to make a top-notch
Your third party personnel have made Garden City one of the best trucking
operations I have ever seen. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work.

Mike Stansifer
British Petroleum Operations